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i'm madi

✧・゚:*~buy me burritos~*:・゚✧
lambchop holding baby lambchop

lambchop holding baby lambchop

although i think people who think sriracha sauce is too spicy are a bit overdramatic

Anonymous said: You've made me laugh like a million times over the past few years(?) I think probably, I miss your text post they were always funny!

haha thanks!!!! and i’ll try to be funny again one day okay



Hey Kathleen, Are You Hungry - Defiance, Ohio

are you angry? are you searching for a better life to live?
are you waiting? have you been waiting too long?
what holds us back and how to burn
the bridges to a culture that taught us to hate and fear and live
like cogs in a machine and not like lovers friends and kin 

how can you help but feel depressed, get up in the morning and get dressed
look out the window through rush hour smog
smoke and drink the world away ‘cause what the politicians say
won’t answer any of my questions like …

why am I angry? what am I searching for? is there a better way to live? why am I hopeless? have I been waiting too long to strike back against this state of affairs?

thank u anon people made me feel kinda shitty today so that was a nice message to receive

Anonymous said: I've been following you since you had three toes and I still think you're one of the coolest and cutest people on here .

wow thank u!!!!!