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i'm madi

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i’ve been exercising for an hour these last two days and i feel grEaT (now i just have to stick w it…the hard part)

so yesterday at work something super fucked up happened. my bosses husband came in and i was filling out some records and he walked up behind me and slowly ran his hands across my lower waist and i fucking flipped out and yelled “CAN YOU PLEASE NOT TOUCH ME” and then everyone got dead quiet and he fucking moped off like a giant baby and my boss said to him “sorry madi is being a bitch today she doesn’t even want a hug” and my face was so red and i was literally about to cry so i ran outside for a cigarette. when i can back in i confronted my boss and told her “look just for the record i’m not being a ‘bitch’. i do not like being touched like that it makes me extremely uncomfortable.” then i walked back out to help my coworker w a dog and her eyes were huge and was just like “dude that wasn’t a ‘hug’ that was so fucked up” it was the worst not to mention when i was like 11 her (my boss) and her husband were getting drunk at my parents house and her husband said to me “you’re so cute i want to kiss you” and it fucking creeped me out so i hid in my room for the rest of the night and told my parents so he wasn’t allowed at our house for a while and the worst part of it was EVERYONE MADE FUN OF ME ABOUT IT…FOR YEEEAAARS! literally YEARS. and so i feel really embarrassed now that i’m going to get the same ridicule from this incident and it’s super fucked up that i’m the one being made into the ~asshole~ because someone invaded my space in a completely inappropriate way

fuck yeah that was such a good idea!!!

fuck yeah that was such a good idea!!!


haha! have fun at highschool today NERDS. i’m gonna be doing cool ADULT stuff like sleeping WHENEVER i want and CRYING